Top quality solid cardboard interlayers for higher cost-efficiency in your processes.


In Porstendorf, we produce greyboard from 100% recovered paper in weights of 330 gsm to 1000 gsm as well as book binding board, boxboard, wood pulp board and screen printing board.

We pursue quality – traceability printing and retaining of samples allow us to trace, check and verify the quality of every single batch of solid board.

We guarantee the highest quality standards in our company, environmentally friendly production and that our board is certified food safe for the food and beverage industries.

In accordance with your requirements and the area of application we also supply Porstendorf board covered, water-repellent, laminated, PE-coated, printed, creased, with rounded corners or also as, among others, discs.

The advantages and additional benefits of solid board are often underestimated – whether as intermediate layers in the beverage industry or as food packaging.

Europe, Asia, South America or the United Arab Emirates – our high-quality cardboard, our service and our advice are always popular with our customers around the globe.

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