Foam and film laminations as well as polyethylene coatings!

Laminated and coated board is very versatile. On the one hand, the board’s sizing or polyethylene (PE) coating protects it from environmental conditions such as damp or wetness.

On the other, a board laminated with foam films can be used as a padding or cushioning intermediate layer, making it especially suitable for the protection of glass panes and surfaces that are easily scratched.

A board laminated with high-quality films also has a lot of advertising appeal in addition to the scratch, dust and dirt protection it offers. It is therefore suitable for processing into boxes, cartons or book covers.


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We offer the following lamination and surface coating options:

Foam film lamination:

During foam film lamination, the board is coated in polyurethane foam. The coated board is then often used as furnishing for cartons, boxes and crates that are used to ship fragile and scratch-prone products. It is also used in the automotive industry for protecting windscreens and as an interlayer between body parts. Also available with an antistatic foam film.

Film lamination:

Finishing with film not only improves the visual appearance of the board but also offers secure protection from dirt, dust and damp. There is a choice of several films. The film can be scratch-resistant, water-repellent (PE film), glossy, matt, semi-matt, metalized, embossed or printable.


By sizing the board directly during production, later water absorption is greatly reduced, making it suitable for use even in adverse atmospheric conditions. There are two distinct degrees of sizing, COBB 60/40 and COBB 60/20. A higher COBB value equals a higher degree of sizing and a lower water absorption later on.

Polyethylene (PE) coating:

A coating with polyethylene (PE) plastic offers a high level of protection from wetness and damp. In addition, the coating also protects from dirt, dust and scratches. The board can be coated on one or both sides.