Distinctive board with individual printing patterns!

It is important to many of our customers to deliver their advertising together with their goods. This is why we print the greyboard and the brown greyboard using an inline printing process or, optionally, flexographic printing, enabling us to produce multi-coloured printed images. Choose your company logo, a custom motif, an advertising message or text – all are possible.

For inline printing, the maximum design size (printing block size) possible is 220 x 475 mm. Alternatively, we print our grey or brown greyboard using two-colour flexographic printing. The latter is possible up to a format of 1400 x 1600 mm.

It is often very important to adhere to the instructions for the use of our greyboard. It is therefore also possible to print the board with clear warnings. This is also important for later processing into packaging, cartons, boxes and crates, as this often requires a serial number or certain identifying features such as a “RESY” symbol or a packaging material code.


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Sample prints:

We generally use printing ink suitable for food packaging and our board is therefore suitable for all industries.