Warm colours for attractive products!

Brown greyboard is based on the technical specifications of our greyboard and is also made from recovered paper. The only difference between brown greyboard and greyboard is its colour.

We can produce the board in weights of 350 to 1000 gsm and in the following grades: machine finished, coarse/smooth on one side and coarse/coarse. Brown greyboard is often used in the processing industry due to its classy brown colouring.

The board can be coloured on one or both sides. The board’s colouring depends on the respective customer’s wishes and often requires sending a sample of the desired quality. Customers can also choose from the following standard colour variations.

As it is manufactured to greyboard specifications, technical processing and finishing options are identical for brown greyboard. These include rounding off and chamfering the board’s corners, laminated finish or coating with film or special paper.

Sample Applications:

  • as an attractive back on calendars
  • for book bindings or spines
  • as an intermediate layer or covering on pallets
  • as a back on writing pads
  • for the manufacture of crates, cartons and boxes
  • for craft material or as an advertising aid


  • ZB/EB 000 ZB-ZB000
  • ZB/EB 001 ZB-EB001
  • ZB/EB 002 ZB-EB002
  • ZB/EB 010 ZB-EB010
  • ZB/EB 015 ZB-EB015

EB = brown on one side ZB = brown on both sides Other colours according to sample

Colours shown are examples and can vary depending on your screen!

Finishing and Processing:

  • PE- (Polyethylene) coated on one or both sides
  • wet strength or water-repellent sizing
  • laminated or covered with special embossed, coated, or coloured papers
  • coated or uncoated
  • can be processed into discs
  • printed, punched, grooved and creased
  • with rounded and chamfered corners and edges