The highest quality with brilliant colouring!

Covered and coated board can be creased, grooved and punched easily. In addition, the white coating or white lamination results in a smoother surface, higher brightness, better printability and colouring.

Applications include framers, cardboard processers, printing works, advertising agencies and display manufacturers, who use the board for the manufacture of high-quality plain and fine cardboard packaging as well as for folding boxes, calendar backs and displays.

The production of covered and coated cardboard takes place on industrial coaters and laminators.


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Available in the following grades:


Chromo duplex board (GD):

Chromo duplex board has a white covering on one side and a grey inner and back. The board is made from a high percentage of recovered paper and features smooth/coarse surface structures.

Chromo board (GC):

Chromo board is a multi-layer board with multiple white coatings and a white covering that is wood-free. The board features a light-coloured inner and a light-coloured or white base layer. Available on request with waterproofing on reverse and identically coated back and front sides.

Imitation Chromo Board (UC):

Imitation chromo board is a multi-layer couched board that is covered on one or both sides. At least one of the two top layers is made of bleached pulp. The inner and intermediate layers of the imitation chromo board are made of recovered paper or wood pulp.