• Finishing and Processing

    High-quality processing of your greyboard

Our products are finished and processed to the highest technical standards and offer a multitude of options for customisation depending on our customers’ requirements.

In the interest of our customers, we focus on the highest quality during both the manufacturing of our greyboard and during the finishing. Therefore, comprehensive and tailored advice is the first step before further finishing and processing. Apart from various lamination, colouring and printing options, we will also cut, crease and groove your board to your required dimensions.

The production of so-called board discs or hole punching for bottles are also no problem for us.

For safe stretch wrapping of pallets without tearing!

Depending on your individual requirements, we can deliver your board with rounded or chamfered corners. Part of the processing of the board corners is done on in-house-developed machines, tailored to each customer’s requirements. Rounding and chamfering of board corners is predominantly required when the board is used as an intermediate layer on pallets to prevent tearing of the stretch film.

The highest quality with brilliant colouring!

Covered or coated board is often used for the manufacture of plain and fine cardboard packaging as well as for folding boxes, displays and calendar backs. The cardboard features a grey middle and is coated in white on one or both surfaces or laminated with a white paper. In comparison with the uncoated board, this results in more brilliant colouring and thus a better printing result.

Foam and film laminations as well as polyethylene coatings!

Coated and laminated board is used wherever the board’s natural properties are not suited to the intended use. This is often the case when the board is exposed to difficult climatic conditions or needs to be visually improved. Therefore, plastics that protect the board from humidity and wetness to a certain extent are used for the coating. High-quality protective films and foam materials are used for the lamination.

Distinctive board with individual printing patterns!

Wherever packaging is used, a printed image or pattern is the best advertising. We therefore offer our customers the opportunity to individualise our cardboard with a unique, multi-colour print. This can be either your company’s logo or a well-known recognizable symbol such as the „RESY“ symbol.

For easy manual or machine processing!

Creasing the cardboard with a creasing rule results in bending grooves (a creasing channel and the corresponding elevation on reverse), which greatly facilitate later folding or bending of the board. The material is not weakened by its displacement at the bending grooves. During grooving, a grooving tool cuts small indents into the board’s outside that will make folding along the groove easier later on. Unlike creasing, grooving weakens the material along its groove.

As covering or intermediate layer – perforated or unperforated!

Circular blanks or discs are the perfect end protection for plastic or paper rolls. In addition, they are also suitable as a convenient cover or interlayer for circular metal parts. The discs are also available with a central hole in a variety of radii or diameters. Disc size varies according to use and customer specifications.

A convenient helper for transporting bottles!

Sheets with hole punching are mainly used for transporting glass bottles on a pallet. The evenly spaced circular holes punched into the board stabilise the individual bottle necks and thus secure them. The punch-outs are available in a variety of radii and spacings depending on requirements.

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