Recovered paper for the manufacture of paper and cardboard products

Recovered Paper

Recovered paper is a waste product from industrial and domestic sources. After use, the waste paper is re-used for manufacturing recycled papers and paper products. Among them cardboard and cardboard packaging production.

An important first step in the manufacture of paper and cardboard products is the initial sorting of the recovered paper collected. During this, non-paper components such as metal or plastic are removed from the recovered paper. This step takes place at the waste paper treatment plant in either a manual or an automated process.

In addition, the recovered paper must also be sorted by grade and purity, as not every grade and purity is suitable for the manufacture of certain paper or cardboard products.

There are currently 67 standard grades of paper and board on the global market. The quality of the different grades is governed by EN 643, the “European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling” and is rigorously regulated.

Facts and Data:

  • Per capita consumption of paper and board products was 226.1 kg in Germany in 2009.
  • Total consumption in Germany was 18.5 million tonnes in 2009.
  • 83% of the recovered paper in circulation was re-used for the production of paper and board. This is equivalent to 15.4 million tonnes.
  • The increased use of recovered paper in the German paper sector greatly reduced the impact on the environment.
  • A shortage in recovered paper and high demand caused a steep increase in prices for waste paper from 2009 onwards, with the start of the recovery. This also has an effect on the prices of cardboard and corrugated board products.

Waste Paper Treatment:

The first step during industrial waste paper treatment is the so-called waste paper pulping.  The waste paper is fed into a pulper for this. Here, the waste paper is transformed into a suspension using water and mechanical movement. During the next step, foreign substances such as stones, metals and plastics are removed from the recovered paper during a series of sorting and cleaning processes.

Role of a pulper during waste paper treatment (Paper Maker’s Encyclopaedia)

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