Great strength and stability at a low price!

Boxboard is a very strong kind of mill board, which is made from recovered paper and is rough on both sides. It is mainly used as an intermediate layer, for pattern templates, cover board or for the manufacture of cartons, boxes and crates that are stapled. In addition, it features great flexural strength or rigidity.

In spite of its toughness and rigidity, boxboard can be creased, grooved and punched and is suitable for further processing. However, there are some restrictions regarding the finishing options, as boxboard is not suitable for high-quality finishing with special high-quality papers. Due to its rough surface, printing options are also very limited.

Sample Applications::

  • as an intermediate layer or covering on pallets
  • in the manufacture of cartons, boxes and crates that are stapled
  • as a pattern template and a blank cut
  • suitable as a punch cutting mat and unprocessed board

Finishing and Processing:

  • wet strength or water-repellent sizing
  • PE- (Polyethylene) coated on one or both sides
  • grooving, creasing, punching as well as printing (single colour)
  • chamfered and rounded corners