High quality for DIY and craft projects!

Wood pulp board or woodboard is made exclusively from groundwood without any addition of recovered paper. It is a highly rigid and robust board with a high volume at low specific weight. In addition, it offers good flatness and is completely pH-neutral. Wood pulp board is mainly used by display manufacturers, advertising agencies as well as laminating and printing plants.

It is especially used in industry for processing into high-quality products. Wood pulp board is smooth on one (unglued) or both sides (glued); it is thus highly suited to laminating with high-quality materials such as photo or glossy papers. Printing with commercial inks, including solvent-based inks, is also possible without any problem.

Sample Applications:

  • for the manufacture of beer mats or coasters
  • as a display or advertising surface
  • as a backing for pictures and art prints
  • as an insert for textiles and cases
  • as craft material, in model making or set construction

Finishing and Processing:

  • covered or laminated with special paper
  • creased, grooved or punched
  • with rounded and chamfered corners and edges