Certification, traceability printing and sample taking

In order to constantly ensure the quality required by our customers (customer specifications) for our products and to guarantee traceability and overall process monitoring, Kartonfabrik Porstendorf GmbH uses state-of-the-art computerised process control systems as well as the usual laboratory tests. Thus, the different process parameters (such as humidity, grammage, flexural rigidity, degree of sizing) are controlled, monitored and optimised.

Standardised samples are taken from every customer order and the greyboard is also tested in the laboratory to fixed specifications (international standards) with a variety of testing devices in addition to the computerised monitoring. Only products meeting all required quality criteria are released for distribution.

Laboratory tests:

Ash content DIN 54370:1999-04

Flexural rigidity DIN 53121:1996-12

Cobb value (water) DIN EN ISO 20535:1994-09

Dennison wax test TAPPI T 459om-93

Thickness DIN EN ISO 20534:1993-10

Moisture content DIN EN ISO 20287:1994-09

Area density DIN EN ISO 536:1996:08

Schopper-Riegler value DIN EN ISO 5267-1:2000-10

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