High quality for high expectations!

Book binding board is a high-quality, grey board that is smooth on both sides and features especially high stability. Nevertheless, the book binding board from 100% recycled paper is highly pliable and can be grooved, creased and punched. The board also stands out for its excellent flatness and its high bulk at low specific weight.

Due to the high quality of the book binding board, it can be finished in a multitude of ways and laminated or coated with high-quality films and papers. In addition, the board offers excellent properties for processing into boxes, crates and cartons.

Sample Applications:

  • as a high-quality back for calendars
  • for book covers and book bindings
  • as folder or file cover
  • for the manufacture of shipping boxes and cartons
  • for craft and model construction
  • also suitable as a punch cutting mat and packaging board

Finishing and Processing:

  • wet strength or water-repellent sizing
  • PE- (Polyethylene) coated on one or both sides
  • covered or laminated with specially coated, embossed or coloured paper
  • grooving, creasing, punching as well as printing
  • chamfered and rounded corners