Certified Environmental Management

The natural world of Thuringia’s Saale valley has been our home for more than 100 years and is our biggest and most important supplier.

Awareness for a natural balance and environmentally-friendly production processes has increased, especially during recent years.

Cardboard production requires a high water and energy input. That is why optimizing our production processes with regards to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and saving resources is a matter of course to us and is laid down as company policy.

As we are conscious of our responsibility towards our environment, the cardboard production process in Porstendorf is subject to an environmental management system and has been certified for its environmental sustainability since May 2009 according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004.

The 14001 standard stipulates the worldwide requirements of an environmental management system.

The standard focuses mainly on continuous improvement in order to achieve the goals defined within the company with regards to its environmental performance.

Kartonfabrik Porstendorf GmbH has a company environmental policy that, among others, includes adhering to current legal obligations and other requirements, stipulates environmental goals and an environmental programme. The company has also established a corresponding integrated management system to ensure the achievement of these goals.

DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 download certificate

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